Wingtite Check List - Will WingTite work for you?

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WingTite Check List

Follow the Check List below

WingTite Checklist

1.  See how it works.
Click here to Watch the Video before you begin. ✔

(Instrucciones en español en YouTube:

2.  WingTite is for fiberglass & plastic showers including: acrylic, cultured marble and composites. WARNING: Not for tile shower floors. ✔

Cutaway Existing Shower Drain Assembly
3.  Drain pipe inside diameter 2” (white PVC or black ABS) ✔

4.  Drain flange diameter 4” - 4 1/2” ✔

Check List is OK ✔ WingTite is for you.

If your drain appears different, we can help. Call our Tech Support 805-927-1753. Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (PST)

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