Drain Removal - How to remove your existing drain

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Drain Removal

Before you start follow the Check List below

WingTite Checklist

1.  See how it works.
Click here to Watch the Video before you begin. ✔

(Instrucciones en español en YouTube: tinyurl.com/wingtite-spanish)

2.  WingTite is for fiberglass & plastic showers including: acrylic, cultured marble and composites. ✔
WARNING: Not for tile shower floors. ✔
Cutaway Existing Shower Drain Assembly

3. Check your measurements

  • Drain pipe inside diameter must be 2” (white PVC or black ABS) ✔

  • Drain flange diameter must be 4” - 4 1/2” ✔

4. If your drain appears different we can help. Call our Tech Support 805-927-1753  |  Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (PST).  ✔

5.  Download these instructions as a PDF - Click here

After the Check List is OK ✔ let's begin drain removal

Recommended Tools and Material
Tools for Drain Removal

Step-by-step removing the shower drain body

1. Remove drain cover with flat blade screwdriver.Step 1

2. Remove the crown nut by unthreading it using needle nose pliers.

Step 2

3. Extract the compression seal exposing drain pipe and shower drain body.

Step 3

4. With mini hacksaw, make two vertical cuts approximately 1” apart through drain body. Cut completely through drain body without cutting into shower pan or damaging drain pipe.

Step 4

5. Continue cutting horizontally through drain flange to weaken it, but not deep enough to damage the shower pan.

Step 5

6. Once horizontal drain flange is cut, use flat blade screwdriver to pry up 1” flange to break it free from the shower pan.

Step 6

7. Remove the 1” width of drain body from shower pan.

Step 7

8. Squeeze the remaining shower drain to collapse it. The retaining nut and washer drop down, staying below the shower pan.

Step 8

9. Remove shower drain from pan. Clean shower floor around the drain hole to ensure new drain adhesion, and clean below to allow unrestricted wing movement.

Step 9

Questions??? Call us, we are here to help. WingTite Tech Support: 805-927-1753 | Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (PST)

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Download instructions PDF - Click Here