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I’m thrilled with the results of your Wingtite shower drain repair. I read your directions and watched the video and I completed the old drain removal & new installation in about 20 minutes. It works like a champ. Thanks so much.
— Ron R.

"To whom it may concern,
Thank you for making a product that is so needed. We recently sold our home and the shower drain was needing to be fixed, prior to the sale. I was certain there should be a way to do this repair without ripping out the shower to get under it. I asked our plumber if he had any ideas. He said he thought there was something, and would look into it. He didn’t find a solution. I searched and found you. I just wanted to let you know that we love your product, and think others would also love it if they knew about it. I don’t exactly know how you would advertise efficiently for the best results, but I’m sure you would have great returns.
I just wanted to let you know that homeowners are out there looking for what you have.  Thanks for making such a great product!"
— K. Yale, Kennewick Washington

Great Product
I used this in my shower drain 8 years ago without any problem. It saved me a lot of money!! I highly recommend this product!!
By: Love2Swim

Good product and a real timer saver
Part made an unpleasant chore more easy. Excellent solution. 
By: HdCustomer

Sometimes you think, if it is too good to be true then it probably won’t work. NOT the case with this product!! The WingTite shower drain worked EXACTLY as advertised. It was easy to install and looks very professional when complete. My whole family were “happy campers” that the ceiling and shower did not have to be ripped apart to solve the problem. I highly recommend to anyone who has a shower drain to repair." 
— Dave S., Flossmor, Illinois

“The shower drain works great, simple installation. I plan to use in any new initial installation in my future projects. I have passed this info on to a general contractor / repairman for his problems encountered in this area.
— Trent, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

“The WingTite drain worked beautifully...”
I know that this order was from a few years ago. Was cleaning up my old email ... and wanted to give some feedback. The WingTite drain worked beautifully as did the union and the cutting tool. Definitely saved some serious time and work with the shower pan repair. Have since sold that house and moved, but I know where to go should I need a similar solution.
— L. Rees

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”
I just wanted to thank you for the great support from your customer service line. Greg was fantastic in walking me through special steps I had to take to remove the original pipe. This was especially difficult because I could not access the bottom of the Shower Pan. Without the his instructions and guidance I would have had to call a plumber who would have charged me hundreds of dollars. Instead the Whole job only cost me $50 after buying the extra pipe glue and of course the WingTite. Product is working perfectly with zero leaks and was super easy to install. I wish all products I purchased had this service support and guarantee. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
— John O.

“This saved me a ton of time and money...”
I ordered the WingTite kit after several trips to the big box stores trying to find a replacement drain that I could install without removing the entire shower unit. I am generally a do-it-yourself kind of person, but pulling out the shower unit and all of the plumbing etc. that goes along with it would’ve likely been too much for me to do myself and would’ve cost over $1000 to hire complete.
It took about 15 minutes to install the WingTite drain by myself with easy to follow instructions and now having been in place for about 2 months there is no more leaking. This saved me a ton of time and money and was easily worth the money. I have since recommended it for several people and a few of my pals who are professional plumbers.
Great product even though it’s a bummer to need one in the first place.
— Chad C.

“The WingTite drain answered our prayers.”
The WingTite drain answered our prayers. I even had Home Depot telling me we had to rip our kitchen apart to fix the upstairs drain from beneath. Thanks to the WingTite drain and a couple other inexpensive parts, we saved probably thousands of dollars in renovations and did it ourselves! It’s been in service a couple months now and works perfectly. Great product.
— Jim P., Massachusetts

“...worked exactly as advertised!”
Hi, the WingTite worked exactly as advertised! I was resigned to installing a new shower base, but came across the WingTite as I was looking for shower bases (ours is an odd size); very satisfied with the product.
— Tim W., Colorado

“The WingTite was easily installed...”
I have had no leaks or any problems with my WingTite shower drain. The biggest problem was getting the old drain removed that was screwed on from below. I was able to loosen it from above but I could not completely unscrew it. I was finally able to saw it off with just the blade of a hack saw and it dropped down and then the WingTite was easily installed.
— Bob T., Missouri

“Installing the WingTite is a breeze...”
My new Wingtite shower drain saved me from having to tear out my new shower. Our newly remodeled professionally installed bathroom, had the shower area redone with the “best” components I could find. The shower pan is a heavy cultured marble, and the shower walls are thick glass. After about three weeks the existing plastic drain crumbled, allowing shower water to flood onto the concrete slab. I had a moldy smelly mess in my new bathroom. My options were to tear out the new shower and put in a new brass drain, or tunnel under the slab to replace the shower drain. Both options were expensive and disruptive, and tunneling the slab would have weakened the foundation.
Fortunately, I did a web search for drains, and drain repair, and found the WingTite. I was so excited to find out that I didn’t have to do a tear out, or tunnel the slab, I had to jump and run around. I immediately ordered the WingTite, and it arrived quickly.
Installing the WingTite is a breeze, and it goes in just as WingTite advertises.
The unique ability of the WingTite to install from above, and also to be removable if needed, saved the day for me. Thanks for making a great product.
— Ross N., Texas

“That thing works awesome, wish I could buy stock in this item!
— Chaz G., Texas

“Saved me a lot of money...”
I like your product very much. Your product is a great idea and saved me a lot of money by avoiding a complete removal of my shower floor. Thanks.
— Jim & Katy, Texas

“...very easy to install.”
Worked better than I thought, very easy to install. Saved my company and our home builders a lot of money It beats tearing out a shower enclosure which could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Thanks.
— Mike D., Warranty Manager, Enterprise Plumbing

“This is an outstanding product.”
I recently purchased and installed your WingTite Shower Drain. This is an outstanding product. It performed exceptionally well, and saved me time and money on an otherwise awful repair job.
— P. R.

“What a great product, everyone should try it...”
I am the supervisor of plant operations at Iowa State University. I take care of 1260 apartments 500 of which are in the area that we use this product. We have 3 story units that have fiberglass shower stalls, stacked one on top of the other. Before trying the Wingtite we had to tear out the ceilings above the shower stalls, this included a firewall just to get to the underside of the drain which needed repaired or replaced. This was days of inconvenience to our students, dirty and costly in man hours. We now take an hour to install the Wingtite in the floor of the stall that has the bad drain, no mess. We have used this product for at least 2 years and have not had any return calls, zero, zip, done. We do monitor moisture in the ceilings and have not had to replace but a few due to fear of mold. These were only where we could not get the ceilings to dry out, and only the ceiling not the fire walls. What a great product, everyone should try it when they do be aware you will need to increase your inventory.
— Supervisor of Plant Operations, Iowa State University


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