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Easy to install
Needed a replacement drain, old drain was very difficult to access from underneath so this fit the bill perfectly. Just finished installing, procedure went exactly as described in the directions. Recommend this to anyone needing to replace a drain even if you have access from below.
By: A Williams

Simple to use. Worked exactly as advertised
Works great! No more leaks! Highly recommended!!!
By David N.

Saved me countless hours otherwise required
Exceptional alternative to pretty much any repair method - period. …  After panicking thinking our pipes burst, turns out the pan drain was leaking while a guest was showering. With another guest arriving in 2 hours, this was THE absolute quickest repair I have ever been able to do in this kind of emergency situation. I vac-dremmeled out the old drain, the lock nut fell down as instructed, I cleaned up and added this drain all in less than 15 minutes. … Could not speak more highly of this amazing drain repair!
By Animation Guy

Best invention ever and solution to my problem !!!!
Best invention ever and solution for my bath problem. I could not go under the installed fiberglass floor this product was the solution to this issue saving me thousands by DIY.
By Steve

Amazing product! Designed by a company that knows the industry.
Great service, amazing product! Designed by a company that knows the industry well and has distilled their expertise into this brilliant product. Thank you so much WingTite.
By Anonymous

Saved $1,000s with this product
This replacement drain was easy to install and saved me having a plumber do the work.
By Auterrious W.

Great top install design
This was very easy to install, and solved my leaking drain issue. This drain is installed with 100% silicone not plumber’s putty, so be sure to buy silicone instead.

Excellent Product
…Previously, I used other drain products that, without fail, allowed the water to pass around the drain and create a flooding issue even after using plumbers putty, silicone, and other products each time I attempted to remedy the leak -- no luck! Then, I decided to bite the bullet, pay the extra money for this drain product and have never had a leak since. … Also, the product comes with a professionally choreographed tutorial video that you can watch slowly and make the deliberate steps necessary to install correctly; this video is SO helpful for the D-I-Y plumber like myself.
By Glove-Box446

Excellent product and customer service
I am glad to find this product, saved a lot of extra work. … Excellent customer service
By Gr Ak

Worked perfectly as a DIY install by a plumber with almost no experience
It saved me from crawling to the furthest corner of my house through a ~16 inch deep crawlspace that's more spider than not -- truly worth every penny.
By Montjuleant

Soo easy
My plumber found this as a possible solution to a problem I was experiencing, he had never used it before… But he just completed the job in less than 10 minutes. He was very impressed with this product!
Andrea W.

Time saver
Works very well with no leaks. Impressive technology.
Richard C.

Works great
Used it on an existing shower, no extra cutting or mods. Great system. Very happy.
By Robert H.

Save yourself a LOT of time and effort -- ALWAYS use one of these!!!
If the prior owner of my house would have used this type of shower drain, replacing my leaking shower drain would have taken 15 minutes instead of all weekend!
By KF44

Saved me sooo much money
This product saved me from a bathroom remodel that would have cost me thousands. Noticed my shower was leaking in an unfortunate location as my shower is on the 3rd floor located over a staircase from the first floor to the second floor. The install can be as easy as mentioned in the instructions … the Wingtite drain went in with no issues and after a week seems to have stopped the leak. … If your setup deviates any from what's shown in the instructions call the help number immediately. I called mid day on a Saturday and the gentleman that answered the phone as very helpful and made the process go a lot smoother.

Works as advertised
Very easy to install. Used it on a new composite stone shower base. Simple instructions. One of the few items of this type available if you're looking for a "top-down" drain installation.
By Don In NM

Works like it should.
…Follow the instructions and this will work as it should. I am extremely happy with the results of my project because I didn't have to gain access under my shower.
By Old School Stereo Installer

Brilliant, this should be on shelves at big box stores
Customer service was excellent as well.
By Brian M.

Life Saver
Worked just as designed! Could not find any options at the big box stores nor the local Mom and Pop shop. Saved me from having to cut out a mess of concrete and connecting with a Fernco. (Frenco refers to a coupling or adaptor.)
By Earl H.

Just what was needed.
The sleeve went on easily and doesn’t leak. Great option to fix the shower drain with our older 1.5” copper drain pipe.
By Brad K.

Excellent solution to our problem
I had to purchase this adapter in order to install a WingTite shower drain in our bath. We have 2" copper drain lines in our bathroom and this adapter was a life saver….I did not want to hire a plumber to come in and deal with this drain. Installation was simple. Just make certain that your copper line is smooth. We had to sand and clean the pipe because the old drain was installed using lead and oakum. Be patient when installing this adapter. Do a number of test fittings before you epoxy it to your existing drain line. Is it cheap? No it is not but it beats the heck out of having to call in a plumber to install a replacement shower drain. Thank you WingTite.
Windy C.


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