Installation - How to install WingTite Shower Drain

WingTite instructions pdf

Installation Instructions


1.  See how it works. Watch the short video before you begin. ✔

watch video

(Instrucciones en español en YouTube:

2. ATTENTION WARNING: Do not attempt to push WingTite onto pipe without following ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Damage to the O-ring may cause leaks.

Before you install prepare your drain pipe.

  • Clean scale and grime off the outside of pipe. This insures a smooth surface for the O-ring seal.

  • Inspect the outside of the pipe for any irregularities. Pipe must be smooth!

  • Sand outer top edge of pipe to remove all burrs and sharp edges. This protects the O-ring and allows it to easily slip over the pipe. ✔

3. Before you install measure your drain pipe and shower pan hole.

  • The drain pipe outside diameter must be 2 3/8” 

  • The minimum shower pan hole diameter must be 3 1/4”

Measure your pipe
Locate the O-ring inside WingTite. ✔

Find the O-ring


4. The drain pipe height must be between A and B. Make sure the pipe is somewhere between the shower floor and 1/2 inch above the O-ring. 

5. Recommended Tools & Material 

Tools and Material


6. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! BEFORE YOU INSTALL READ STEPS 6-14 THROUGHLY. How well you follow these instructions determines the success of your installation.

If you have questions we are here to help. Call WingTite Tech Support: 805-927-1753 | Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (PST). 

Read instructions. We are here to help you.

7. To ensure your shower drain cover is straight and attractive when installed, square up your drain first by using the drain body notches as guides. Visually align drain body with front and back of shower pan.

Step 2

8. The four fastening wings must be against drain body at time of insertion into shower pan. Push wings against the drain body.

Step 3

9. Apply liquid dish soap to O-ring as lubricant. Coat entire O-ring.

Step 4

10. Apply a generous amount of 100% silicone sealant to underside of drain flange. Coat underside completely.

Step 5

11. Insert drain into shower pan pressing evenly over drain pipe. Hold drain firmly in place against shower floor.

Press drain down evenly 

12. Tighten all four Phillips head screws evenly until drain is secure in pan. BE PATIENT, may take up to 20 turns or more for “wings” to rise up against the bottom of the shower pan and securely tighten.

Step 7

As they tighten, wings rise up

As screws tighten deeper into the tapered surface, they mate creating a watertight seal.

Tightening screws are seated

13. Clean excess silicone from drain and pan with rag. Install shower drain cover.

Step 8


14. Questions??? Call us, we are here to help. WingTite Tech Support: 805-927-1753 | Mon-Fri 10am-4pm (PST).

WingTite instructions pdf