Support Products for Shower Drain Removal and Installation

Chrome decorative shower grate
Decorative Shower Drain Grates
100% Silicone
2.8 oz
Mini Hacksaw
10" (254mm) blade
Internal Pipe Cutter
Internal Pipe Cutter
Cobra PST109

Some shower drain installations require a pipe coupling or a pipe adapter.
We offer:
Inside Pipe Coupling for 2" PVC/ABS
Adapter Kits for 1-1/2" or 2" DWV Copper and 1-1/2" Gavlanized Pipe

Inside Coupling
2" Inside Coupling
for PVC or ABS pipe
Copper Adapter Kit
1-1/2" DWV Copper Adapter Kit
Includes Structural Adhesive
Copper Adapter Kit
2" DWV Copper Adapter Kit
Includes Structural Adhesive
Galvanized Adapter Kit
1-1/2" DWV Galvanized Adapter Kit
Includes Structural Adhesive

WingTite T-shirts and Hats

T-Shirt, White
WingTite White T-Shirt
T-Shirt, Black
WingTite Black T-Shirt
white hat
White WingTite Hat

black hat
Black WingTite Hat

wingtite wingtite wingtite wingtite

WingTite Shower Drain

  • Installs entirely from the TOP!
  • Quick and easy installation, saves you money
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Replaces leaky shower drain
  • Five-Star product five stars
  • Proudly Made in the USA USA flag

Price: $34.99 free shipping

WingTite Shower Drain
Standard Chrome Shower Grate
Removal and Installation Instructions

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