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We have created an instructional video to answer many of your questions. Click the link here to watch the video.

Our FAQ section below offers additional support.

If you have any further questions, please email us at or call our Technical Support Line at 1-805-927-1753 (Open Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

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1. Why should I choose WingTite for new installation?
The WingTite is the only top installed drain using a patented O-ring pipe sealing design. This system allows existing shower pan flex to occur without placing stress on the drain and flange. Plumbing professionals know when they choose WingTite Shower Drains for new construction or remodels it's the PROVEN choice to prevent future shower drain failures. Click to watch video.

2. Why should I choose WingTite for a leaky shower drain?
If you’ve got a leaking drain in a fiberglass or plastic shower, Wingtite is your CLEAR choice because it installs entirely from the TOP without removing the shower, saving you lots of time and money. Click to watch video.

3. Will it work in my shower?
Yes, the WingTite shower drain fits in most fiberglass and plastic shower stalls and pans built in the last 25 years.

4. Will the WingTite shower drain work in tile floor shower?
No, tile floor shower drains are made entirely different from fiberglass shower stall drains and are not compatible.

5. Do I have to cut, or modify the shower base to accomodate the WingTite drain?
No, the WingTite shower drain fits in the standard 3.25” opening in the shower base.

6. As a homeowner can I install the WingTite shower drain myself?
Yes, WingTite shower drains have been installed by thousands of home owners with minimal plumbing experience by following the detailed visual instructions provided. Click to watch video.

7. How long does it take to remove the existing drain and install the WingTite shower drain?
Removing the existing plastic drain typically takes approximately 30 minutes (slightly longer for a brass drain). The WingTite Shower drain installs in approximately 10 minutes.

8. How do you get the old drain out of the shower base?
Please watch the WingTite video for detailed drain removal instructions. Click to watch video.

9. What if my shower drain is glued to the drain pipe riser?
Call Wingtite Technical Support at 1-805-927-1753 open Monday - Friday 10a.m. - 4p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) or email us at .

10. Does it come with a shower drain cover?
Yes, the WingTite shower drain comes with a polished stainless steel cover. (Note: decorator finishes are available through TRIM TO THE TRADE PRODUCTS)

11. What sealant is recommended to adhere the WingTite shower drain to the shower base?
100% silicone is the only sealant recommended to seal the drain to the shower base.

12. What is your product return policy?
Product returned unused and in sellable condition is accepted with receipt for a full refund. Customer is responsible for shipping. To return or exchange WingTite mail to:

PlumbRite MFG. INC.
2419 Village Ln # F,
Cambria, CA 93428

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WingTite Shower Drain

  • Installs entirely from the TOP!
  • Quick and easy installation, saves you money
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Replaces leaky shower drain
  • Five-Star product five stars
  • Proudly Made in the USA USA flag

Price: $34.99 free shipping

WingTite Shower Drain
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