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What is WingTite?

Install the BEST! Plumbing professionals know when they choose WingTite Shower Drains for new construction or remodels it's the PROVEN choice to prevent future shower drain failures.

Replace the REST! If you’ve got a leaking drain in a fiberglass or plastic shower, Wingtite is your CLEAR choice because it installs entirely from the TOP without removing the shower.

Compatible with multiple sub-flooring systems, the UPC approved WingTite is the ONLY TOP installed shower drain using a patented O-ring sealing design. The O-ring allows vertical shower pan movement, preventing stress on the shower drain and pan, which is often the cause of the original drain failure. WingTite’s success is reflective in the thousands installed by plumbing professionals and homeowners.

In less than an hour the shower is repaired, saving you a ton of time and money!

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A technical Q & A with WingTite’s designer:

What was your R&D process for WingTite? “I looked at standard products currently available and made sure I could make this specialty part fit in the available space for traditional shower drains. It would, so I put it directly into 2D CAD (which I’ve been using for over 26 years), then converted it to 3D CAD and had a solid 3D resin model made.”

Why “wings” as securing devices? “Wings gave me the ability to accommodate the greatest amount of variation in shower pan thickness and construction (fiberglass, molded, and silverstone)”

Why use an O-ring? “There was a tremendous amount of design work to get this perfect. I had extensive previous design experience with hydraulic system design. This O-ring system allows vertical shower pan movement, preventing stress on the shower drain and pan, which is often the cause of drain failures. The WingTite O-ring is a proven and reliable sealing system.”

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